Training & Awareness Program

The Enterprise Security and Risk Management training and awareness program addresses a wide range of needs from general staff awareness to specific training, such as web application security and business continuity management.

A key component of the training program is a process to provide all staff appropriate levels of cybersecurity training that focuses on developing skills in relevant technologies and techniques that will improve agencies’ security posture.

The training and awareness program includes a variety of materials, with some actual hands-on training as well as web-based online interactive modules. The training materials are designed to be reusable in order to continue the training into subsequent years.

Additionally, staff with the Enterprise Security and Risk Management Office provide training through other state programs, such as the Office of State Human Resources Administrative Assistants training program and at various local events.

Through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center as well as the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, North Carolina works with other states to identify training and awareness resources that are available at little or no cost to state agencies.

Training and education are ongoing activities.

Each October, as part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Enterprise Security and Risk Management Office coordinates a program of events. This program is supported by a proclamation signed by North Carolina’s governor. The cyber awareness program includes insightful webpages, newsletters, webinars and other training events.