Quality Management System

Quality Objectives

  1. Deliver IT projects on schedule (Schedule Performance Index).
  2. Deliver IT projects within budget (Cost Performance Index).
  3. Facilitate statewide reviews and decision points based on timelines associated with defined processes, and forward recommendations or return decision packages for corrective action in accordance with processes as required.


The EPMO employs expert staff and fact-based decision making to support the SCIO’s IT project oversight and strategic planning processes. The EPMO assesses IT projects for compliance with all executive, statutory and regulatory requirements, goals and objectives. We work closely with suppliers to ascertain whether they have the necessary awareness, tools, training and guidelines to effectively deliver projects, programs and portfolios within planned cost and schedule. Our Office also respond to supplier requests and decision points with clarity and transparency based on defined timelines. When quality objectives are not met, the EPMO will investigate to determine why, initiate corrective action when necessary, and continually look for opportunities to improve Quality Management System (QMS) effectiveness.

Management Commitment

The State Chief Information Officer (SCIO) is committed to implementing the QMS and providing the citizens of North Carolina with the best value for the tax dollars that are invested in IT. The QMS includes a quality policy, measurable quality objectives and clear criteria for IT project management pursuant to state law and legislative intent. The SCIO communicates to IT professionals across the Enterprise the importance of their role in meeting customer expectations, along with all statutory and regulatory requirements. The SCIO, in accordance with executive and legislative authority, directs an Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO) and is committed to providing the necessary resources to implement, manage and continually improve the QMS.

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