Innovate With Us

We welcome suggestions from state agencies who want to evaluate a technology product or service through the iCenter before they invest in it. Agencies who have already completed projects that demonstrate innovation in government technology can also be considered for our annual Innovation Award.

We also want to hear from businesses whose technology solutions can help us make government more efficient, effective, and customer-friendly. Per Session Law 2015-241, the Innovation Center’s aim is to develop and demonstrate technology solutions with potential benefit to the State and its citizens. The iCenter may facilitate the piloting of potential solutions to State technology requirements. In operating the iCenter, the State CIO shall ensure that all State laws, rules, and policies are followed. Vendor participation in the iCenter shall not be construed to (i) create any type of preferred status for vendors or (ii) abrogate the requirement that agency and statewide requirements for information technology support, including those of the Department, are awarded based on a competitive process that follows information technology procurement guidelines.

Propose a technology for testing by using the below form.

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