Thursday, August 2, 2018

State Joins NGA Cybersecurity Initiative NC One of Four States Chosen for New Cybersecurity Effort

North Carolina has been selected as one of four states to be included in the National Governors Association Policy Academy on Implementing State Cybersecurity.
Aug 2, 2018

North Carolina has been selected as one of four states to be included in the National Governors Association (NGA) Policy Academy on Implementing State Cybersecurity. North Carolina joins Indiana, West Virginia and Wisconsin in NGA’s Policy Academy, which will provide technical assistance to help each state modernize cybersecurity planning and infrastructure.

“Protecting North Carolina’s data, information and infrastructure is critical, and our state cybersecurity professionals work hard to guard against the latest threats,” Gov. Roy Cooper said. “Working with a team of experts from across the country can help make our cybersecurity efforts even more robust.”

North Carolina was chosen as a part of the NGA Policy Academy on the strength of its existing cybersecurity strategy and preparation for cyber threats, as well as its priorities of strengthening cyber governance, becoming a model state for cybersecurity policies, and partnering with the private sector to grow the state’s cybersecurity workforce.

North Carolina’s departments of Public Safety and Information Technology will work closely with NGA and with in-state stakeholders as a part of the Policy Academy. The N.C. Department of Information Technology (DIT) monitors the state’s cyber strengths, weaknesses, and threats and conducts risk assessments. The N.C. Department of Public Safety (DPS) is home to state law enforcement agencies and has partnered with DIT to create a new cyber unit within the State Bureau of Investigation’s N.C. Information Sharing and Analysis Center. The new cyber unit will promote cyber awareness and provide actionable cyber intelligence to private and public sector partners.

“I am honored for North Carolina to be included in this initiative. In my dual role as Public Safety Secretary and Homeland Security Advisor, I am always mindful of the critical role that cybersecurity plays in overall public safety,” said Erik A. Hooks, DPS Secretary. “Joining forces with NGA will enable us to improve best practices and better serve and protect the public in this vital area of our homeland security mission.”

“Cybersecurity is a significant part of the daily lives of the people of North Carolina and it’s a major part of what DIT does for the state,” said Secretary and State Chief Information Officer Eric Boyette. “Joining the Policy Academy will help us achieve our goals of maintaining a safe and secure North Carolina and supporting the state through job creation and workforce development.”

“We are thrilled at the opportunity that this presents for the state,” said Maria Thompson, State Chief Risk Officer with DIT. “Working alongside the NGA on cyber initiatives will take us one step closer to optimizing our cyber governance for the protection of our people’s data.”