Jon Minshew Named New Chief Customer Officer


Jon Minshew has been named the new Chief Customer Officer (CCO) for the North Carolina Department of Information Technology (DIT) and, in that role, he will be the executive responsible for the total relationship between DIT and its customers, as well as internal customership across the organization.

“Our customers have changed over the years and we need to ensure we align with the change. We've challenged staff to look at how to improve while decreasing costs and increasing customer feedback,” said Secretary and State Chief Information Officer Eric Boyette. “The addition of our CCO is a step positioning ourselves to accomplish that task.”


Minshew also serves as Director of Service Operations in the Service Delivery Division of the North Carolina DIT.

“I am excited to be named to the role of Chief Customer Officer. DIT is more customer focused than ever before,” Minshew said. “Our leadership is dedicated to changing the culture within DIT, so we may better serve our customers. This role helps solidify the message leadership has been talking about for the last few months.”

As the Chief Customer Officer, Minshew will work with DIT staff, with the state CIO and his leadership team, and with vendors and agency customers. He will communicate the changing view of the DIT customer base, reach out to DIT customers, and develop internal “customership.”

Minshew will incorporate metrics and service reviews into his work, but will also ensure that DIT creates a culture of customer service for both internal and external customers.

“Since the year 2000, my many roles in DIT operations supporting all the agencies have allowed me to build trust and relationships inside DIT, with our agency customers, and with our vendor partners, so that I am now in a position to excel as the Chief Customer Officer,” Minshew said.

He oversees all DIT services Tier 1 and Tier 2 Operations, including the Service Desk, the newly implemented Incident Management Center, the Network Operation Center, and the Business Relationship Managers. These teams work closely together to ensure every service’s customer support needs are met.

Minshew completed the Certified Public Manager program in 2013, the Certified Government Chief Information Officer at UNC Chapel Hill in 2015, and became a Certified Mediator with OSHR in 2016. He has provided 25 years of service to the state and 6 years of service for the US Navy as a Petty Officer, participating in both the Desert Shield and Desert Storm initiatives.


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