Tuesday, September 2, 2014

State CIO Speaks at NCTA Event

At a government vendor network meeting, State CIO Chris Estes presented to tech and business leaders across the state the plan to restructure the state's IT.
Sep 2, 2014

Earlier this week, tech and business leaders from across the state packed the Archives & History Building Auditorium in downtown Raleigh for a special Government Vendor Network meeting. Chris Estes, Chief Information Officer of the State of North Carolina, brought along 12 Deputy CIOs to present the current plan to restructure North Carolina’s IT. 

According to Estes, the goal is to “restructure the State’s IT operations for the most effective and efficient utilization of resources and capabilities.” He and his team plan to achieve that optimization through these four initiatives:

  • Measure cost of mission versus the cost of IT 
  • Collaborate as communities of practice 
  • Invest in IT professionals 
  • Fund to sustain operations, refresh IT deficit, and innovation 

Estes closed out the presentation by asking for partners to help reduce complexity, share in the risk/savings, and embrace the new operating model.