2023 GICC Quarterly Meeting


The North Carolina Geographic Information Coordinating Council meets quarterly to review GIS project progress and set priorities and goals for the North Carolina geospatial community.

A Webex link is provided for GIS community members.  Council members will meet in person at the Albemarle Building Room 245.

A data discussion will follow the GICC meeting from 3pm to 4pm.  Discussions will take place in small groups on the following topics: 

  1. Hydrography 

  • streams, waterbodies, stormwater, flooding, coastlines, gages, etc.

  1. Infrastructure 

  • Utility data sharing including electric, gas, water, wastewater, and telecom

  1. Boundaries 

  • Counties, cities, zoning, tax, school districts, state/federal lands, etc.

  1. Buildings and community structures 

  • building footprints, schools, hospitals, fire stations, police stations, libraries, community centers, shelters, etc.

  1. Landcover 

  • land use/landcover, wetlands, impervious surfaces, wildlife corridors, vegetative communities, etc.

Location information for data discussions at 3pm.  These will be held in different locations than the main GICC meeting.

Group Location
Infrastructure Albemarle building 240
Hydrography Albemarle building 245
Community Structures Green Square building 4001
Landcover Green Square building 5212
Boundaries Green Square building 3001