We Are NC Gov 2.0

The second DIT We are NC Gov conference took place at the Innovation Center (iCenter) in Raleigh on November 28, 2018. The event, themed 'Optimizing Digital Experience for Citizens,' attracted over 100 state employees from more than 40 state agencies and units. DIT Secretary and State Chief Information Officer Eric Boyette opened the conference.

Featured Presentations

Dustin Haisler,  Chief Innovation Officer of Government Technology

Designing, deploying and measuring the experience of government has risen to as a Top 10 technology priority for state and local agencies across the United States. During this session, Dustin Haisler, Chief Innovation Officer of Government Technology  will provide attendees a look at where the experience of government is today and how it will exponentially change going forward - including what your agency should be doing to prepare for the inevitable future. Watch the full presentation or download the slide deck: "What’s Next for the Government Experience?"

What’s Next for the Government Experience?

Torre Jessup, North Carolina DMV Commissioner and Michael K. Wons, Chief Client Officer, PayIT

The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles has launched a new online payment platform so customers can complete several types of vehicle registration transactions. The new platform marks an improvement because people who currently conduct business online with the NCDMV must complete one transaction and then log in again to complete a second transaction. MyNCDMV is a cloud-based service, provided by PayIt, that delivers a user-friendly mobile and website application for modernizing state, local and federal government payments. MyNCDMV is designed to allow users to take advantage of completing multiple services in one secure transaction. Watch the full presenation or download the slide deck "MyNCDMV (PayIT)."