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Affordable Connectivity Program Registering Households in North Carolina

The Affordable Connectivity Program has seen a dramatic increase in enrollment due to monthly discounts on high-speed internet service and digital devices. Governor Roy Cooper has also encouraged internet service providers to offer lower payment plans for increase online accessibility.

The N.C. Department of Information Technology’s Office of Digital Equity and Literacy is carrying out a strategic outreach plan to make low-income households, local organizations, nonprofits and state agencies aware of the benefits of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

This federal program offers eligible households monthly discounts of $30 or more on high-speed internet service and a $100 discount on a digital device, which can help bridge the affordability gap that affects more than one million North Carolinians.

Additionally, Governor Roy Cooper has encouraged internet service providers to offer a $30 per month or lower plan for ACP participants so they have no monthly out-of-pocket expenses. AT&T, Charter/Spectrum and Lumos have signed on to offer such plans in North Carolina.

The state’s ACP enrollment has increased by nearly 21% in 2023 (from 660,989 on Jan. 3 to 798,000 on July 11). That result is due to combined advertising efforts with the N.C. Department of Transportation and N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles through emails and digital signs at driver license offices across the state, collaboration with trusted community anchor institutions, grassroots promotional campaigns through local organizations and enrollment events with partners such as the Center for Digital Equity and Education Superhighway.

Households may qualify for the ACP based on income or participation in government programs like Medicaid, SNAP, WIC, Lifeline, federal public housing assistance and others.

NCDIT encourages all organizations and local leaders to share details with their constituents about the ACP, which are available at