Project Management Adviser

ABC Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (Department of Public Safety) Mike Blackwood
COB Commissioner of Banks (Commerce) Mike Blackwood
AGR Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Mike Blackwood
COM Department of Commerce Mike Blackwood
DEQ Department of Environmental Quality Alisa Cutler
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services Valerie Maat; Gaye Mays
DIT Department of Information Technology Alisa Cutler
DNCR Department of Natural and Cultural Resources Mike Blackwood
DMVA Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Mike Blackwood
DOA Department of Administration Alisa Cutler
DOI Department of Insurance Mike Blackwood
DOJ Department of Justice Mike Blackwood
DOL Department of Labor Mike Blackwood
DOR Department of Revenue Mike Blackwood
DOT Department of Transportation (including Turnpike Authority) Valerie Maat
DPI Department of Public Instruction Valerie Maat
DPS Department of Public Safety Mike Blackwood
SOS Department of Secretary of State Mike Blackwood
DST Department of State Treasurer Mike Blackwood
ESC Division of Employment Security (Commerce) Mike Blackwood
GOV Office of the Governor Valerie Maat
IND Industrial Commission (DOI) Mike Blackwood
NCCS Community Colleges System Office Mike Blackwood
NCPA State Ports Authority Valerie Maat
OAH Office of Administrative Hearings Alisa Cutler
OLG Office of Lieutenant Governor Valerie Maat
OSA Office of State Auditor Alisa Cutler
OSBM Office of State Budget and Management Valerie Maat
OSC Office of State Controller Valerie Maat
OSHR Office of State Human Resources Alisa Cutler
SBE State Board of Elections Mike Blackwood
UTL Utilities Commission (Commerce) Mike Blackwood
WRC Wildlife Resource Commission (DEQ) Alisa Cutler