Proposed Rules & Repeal

Text of Proposed Rules

Information Technology Procurement (09 NCAC 06A)

Government Data Analytics Center (09 NCAC 06D)

Notice of Text

Explanation of/Reason for Proposed Rule

Agency is submitting the rules for adoption pursuant to G.S. 143B-1321(a)(16), G.S. 150B-20 and G.S. 116E-4(b). Chapter 150B requires that agencies with rulemaking authority adopt rules regarding the public’s right to petition the agency to adopt rules. The first proposed rule aims to put the public on notice as to how they can communicate a proposed rule to the N.C. Department of Information Technology.

Chapter 116E provides that the N.C. Government Data Analytics Center within NCDIT is charged with specific oversight and operation of the ELDS and requires that rules be adopted to implement the Article. GDAC’s primary purpose for pursuing rulemaking is to meet the statutory requirement found in Chapter 116E and to ensure that the agencies and institutions that exchange data for the purposes listed in the Chapter are doing so under the same rules and legal framework.

Public Hearing

The N.C. Department of Information Technology has scheduled the following public hearing on the proposed rules:

Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020
2 p.m.
WebEx Meeting Link

Public Comment

NCDIT will accept public comment from July 27, 2020 to Oct. 16, 2020.