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Service Description

The Pager Service plan is intended to cover the state's normal requirements for paging service and equipment at attractive rates. Plans range from basic local area service to national coverage. Pager Services offer both numeric and alpha-numeric pagers in analog and digital paging formats. Executive branch agencies are required to use the Pager Service plan. The plan is also available for use by other governmental agencies.

The Pager Service plan provides paging service and equipment from two service providers. Both service providers include a number of standard and optional features in their respective plans. Commonly available features include:

  • Toll-free 800 number for paging when the user is outside of the service area
  • 3-tiered voice mail
  • Group paging
  • 2-way paging
  • Mobile email
  • Hosted message notification alerts
  • Weather alert
  • Loss protection

For detailed information on the paging contract see Paging Services and Equipment Contract.

Contract Overview:

  • Orders must be placed directly with service providers.
  • Pricing and program plans are subject to change at any time.
  • Shipping is available by standard mail and delivery free on board to any location within North Carolina.
  • Service providers will complete delivery within five consecutive calendar days after receipt of purchase order.
  • If repairs are required during the warranty and the unit will be out of service for more than 48 hours, a loaner unit of similar type and function will be provided until repair can be accomplished.

Service Information

Pager Service is a pass through service made available to our customers by way of negotiated contracts with commercial service providers. The governing contracts for these types of services are negotiated to provide rates and terms favorable to the State. For this service, customers will interact directly with the vendor for the provisioning of the service and its ongoing support, meaning that we will not be able to commit to Service Level Agreements, such as provisioning or resolution times. Customers would also interact directly with the vendor to ensure the accuracy of user account data.

In addition to the direct vendor cost, we charge an administrative fee for contract management and billing services. Please consult the “How Do We Charge” section for more information regarding the service model.


  • Pager Services offer both numeric and alpha-numeric pagers in analog and digital paging formats.


  • Office of Administration
  • Department of Revenue

How Do We Charge?

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Next Steps

A Voice Services Network Analyst works with you to determine the viability of Pager Service in meeting business needs. The analyst also supports the entire process of obtaining the service, including help with ordering Pager Service through our Business Services.

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