NC 911 Board

NC 911 Board

The North Carolina 911 Board is responsible for both wireline and wireless 911 communications in the state, as well as related policies and procedures, and it administers the state's 911 Fund.

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On August 5, 2015 at 7:43am Telecommunicator Kim Twiddy answered a 911 emergency call from a hysterical woman whose father was unconscious. Telecommunicator Twiddy took control of the call and gathered all pertinent information using established Emergency Medical Dispatch protocols. Kim displayed professionalism throughout a very stressful and difficult call.  She kept a cool composure and used several calming techniques to help calm and focus the callers so CPR instructions could be properly relayed and ensured that CPR was promptly started. Throughout the emergency call Kim offered praise and support while simultaneously updating the CAD system.  Per law enforcement on scene a pulse was detected after CPR was administered and the patient was flown to Norfolk Sentara General Hospital.  Unfortunately we are sad to relay the gentleman did not survive Telecommunicator Kimberly Twiddy has been with the Dare County Sheriff’s Office – Communications Division since July of 2002.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the Priority Emergency Medical Dispatch system (aka EMD) and takes pride in working with her fellow employees to help make sure that Dare Central 911 Emergency provides the highest level of service to everyone who calls for medical assistance.

Pictured left to right are: Executive Director Richard Taylor, Telecommunicator Kim Twiddy, Asst. Director Lora Nock, Director Trey Piland, and  Chairman Chris Estes.

NC 911 Calls at a Glance

7.7 MillionCalls NC PSAPs Answered In 2015 74.3% were wireless
673,253NC 911 Calls During May 2016 75.9% were wireless
689,341NC 911 Calls During May 2015 75.4% were wireless




Phone Number

Richard Taylor, ENP

Executive Director

(919) 754-6624

David Dodd, ENP, RPL

Network Analyst / PSAP Liaison

(919) 754-6625

Marsha Tapler

Financial Analyst

(919) 754-6344

Karen Mason

Financial Review Specialist

(919) 754-6339

Tina Bone

Network Specialist

(919) 754-6111

Dave Corn

Network Specialist

(919) 754-6269

Mailing Address

NC 911 Board
Department of Information Technology
PO Box 17209
Raleigh, NC 27619-7209

Fax: (919) 431-6592

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