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Premise Telephony - MACs & Maintenance

Service Description

The Telephony Premise and Maintenance convenience contract (725A) is the culmination of provisioning and maintenance for telephone systems. The MACs (Moves, Adds and Changes) and Maintenance portions of this convenience contract allows any North Carolina government entity to procure maintenance and repair support for premise-based telephone systems.

This contract establishes maintenance for premise Centrex station equipment (single and multi-line equipment) on a time and material basis and allows for either a term maintenance arrangement or a Time and Materials arrangement on premise equipment repairs. The contract also has provisions for any state government entity to obtain support for station moves, adds and changes, commonly called MAC. The MAC activity can be as simple as moving or reprogramming a single phone to relocating an entire system.

Please note that requests for assistance with telephony equipment repairs are no longer initiated or managed through our Service Desk but through an online, self-service web portal:

Support is available for the following product lines:


Key Systems/PBX





















Bunn Comm.



Service Information

Premise Telephony MACs and Maintenance is a pass through service made available to our customers by way of negotiated contracts with commercial service providers. The governing contracts for these types of services are negotiated to provide rates and terms favorable to the State. For this service, customers will interact directly with the vendor for the provisioning of the service and its ongoing support, meaning that we will not be able to commit to Service Level Agreements, such as provisioning or resolution times. Customers would also interact directly with the vendor to ensure the accuracy of user account data.

In addition to the direct vendor cost, we charge an administrative fee for contract management and billing services. Please consult the “How Do We Charge” section for more information regarding the service model.


  • Maintenance for premise Centrex station equipment
  • Term maintenance arrangement or a Time and Materials arrangement on premise equipment repairs
  • Direct interface with contract vendors to procure a maintenance agreement ( and/or to request assistance with any and all telephony equipment repair and service issues (


  • State Agencies
  • Community Colleges
  • Municipal and County Governments
  • Universities and Schools K-12

How Do We Charge?

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Next Steps

  1. To procure maintenance using the self-service web portal at, the following information should be available:
    • Service location (street address)
    • The actual number of users and incoming phone lines required
    • The system manufacturer and model number of existing phones, if available
    • The approximate age of the system and/or installation date
  2. The maintenance vendor does an on-site or remote access inventory of the existing system and provides a quote. Maintenance agreements purchased under the contract are typically effective for one year, although longer terms are available. Once established, the customer should engage the vendor by contacting the vendor directly.
  3. Rather than using the self-service web portal, a Voice Services Analyst assigned to a customer or to a specific geographic area can provide support throughout the entire maintenance procurement process.
  4. For Time and Material repairs, the customer should engage the vendor directly by accessing, which is also a self-service web portal.

The customer should prepare a Telephone Service Request Form (TO-5) and submit the request to Request Fulfillment in order to schedule MAC work.

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