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Service Description

We manage the state's contracts for the Toll-Free User Managed Audio Conferencing service and Local Meet-Me Conferencing service.

  • Toll-Free User Managed Audio Conferencing service:
    • Supports up to 125 participants per call
    • Provided through AT&T network services
    • 24/7 availability of conference bridges
    • Secure conference calls can be accomplished by enabling a conference pass code on a per call basis
    • No reservations required  

Important: Caution should be used when scheduling any conference calls on office calendaring systems. Do not publish the passwords/conference id numbers, etc., on the calendar unless the meeting is marked "private"; otherwise, anyone with access to the calendar can gain access to the conference call.

  • Local Meet-Me Conferencing service:
    • Allows up to 30 participants
    • Reservations are made through the state telephone operators and are on a "per occasion" basis
    • Available in several AT&T metropolitan service areas
    • Is a shared conference arrangement and is not secure

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  • State Agencies
  • Local Governments
  • Community Colleges
  • K-12 Schools
  • UNC System

Service Information

Audio Conferencing is a pass through service made available to DIT customers by way of negotiated contracts with commercial service providers. The governing contracts for these types of services are negotiated to provide rates and terms favorable to the State. For this service, our customers will interact directly with the vendor for the provisioning of the service and its ongoing support, meaning that we will not be able to commit to Service Level Agreements, such as provisioning or resolution times. Customers would also interact directly with the vendor to ensure the accuracy of user account data.

In addition to the direct vendor cost, we charge an administrative fee for contract management and billing services. Please consult the “How Do We Charge” section for more information regarding the service model.

How Do We Charge?

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Next Steps

  • For Toll-Free User Managed Audio Conferencing service:
    • Initiate service requests via Telephone Service Request form (TO-5) and submit to the Solutions Development group.
      • The Solutions Development group will process the request and provide the requester with confirmation and conference bridge access information via email.
      • The service provider (AT&T) will also mail complete dialing instructions to the requestor within two weeks of order fulfillment.
  • For Local Meet-Me Conferencing service:
    • Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis.
    • Requests must be submitted by email to at least 24 yours before the conference call is required.
      • Information to be submitted:
        • The conference leader's name and telephone number
        • The requester's name and telephone number
        • The contact person's email address
        • Date, beginning and ending time of call
        • Valid 10-digit state government telephone number to which charges will be billed
    • Obtain a printable copy of the "Local Meet-Me Conference Call" request form that can be used for submitting requests.
    • Customers should not attempt to reuse a Meet-Me Conference number without verifying if it is available with the state telephone operators.
    • Questions may be directed to the state telephone operators at 919-733-1110.

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