Structured Cabling Technical Details

Technical Details

Structured Cabling Services offers three types of services:

CISP - Convenience Inside Plant Cabling:

  • Offers menu driven, fixed unit prices for cabling, products, and labor based on type of cables, termination methods, cable media, etc.
  • Offers the best value for projects with typically less than 75 cable unit runs

Note: A cable unit run is defined as one faceplate, including all cables and jacks needed to terminate all cables. A cable unit run can contain up to six 4-pair cables, originating from the same distribution room or closet. Available patch panel ports and patch cables are not included in cable unit run prices.

BISP - Bid Inside Plant /BOSP - Bid Outside Plant Cabling Projects:

For complex projects typically in excess of 75 cable unit runs or projects requiring aerial or in-ground conduit or cable placement to provide interconnectivity between buildings in a campus environment. Our BISP and BOSP cabling services offer:

  • Detailed consultation with clients to establish specific business requirements, with consideration for customers' performance needs, site environment and project schedule
  • Creation of a comprehensive scope of work and detailed CAD drawings
  • Facilitation of a competitive bid process and vendor selection
  • Project management of implementation, including planning, construction coordination, quality control and receipt and evaluation of as-built deliverables and cable test results

Design/Consulting Services:

  • Offers detailed design and consulting services for a variety of customer needs
  • Available for RFP and Scope of Work reviews for upcoming customer projects to verify customer needs are met, best practices are considered and to perform inspection of documents for errors and omissions
  • Capable of creating and providing complete design specifications for a customer's use
  • Expertise in redundancy and backup designs
  • Expertise in outside plant design and consultation
  • Project Management capabilities for a customer's implementation
  • Quality Assurance representation for customer

Note: Design/Consulting Services are performed on all BISP and BOSP projects and are included in the overall project costs and not billed at an additional hourly rate.

Structured Cabling Services are installation services with ownership of the product transferred to the customer purchasing the service. Contract language provides the new owner with a 1-year warranty on materials and installation labor.

Hours of Availability

  • Structured Cabling Service fixed rate contractors perform installations between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for holidays.
  • Installations can be performed outside of these normal hours, but will be subject to overtime and holiday labor rates.