Enterprise IT Portfolio Management

What Is the Enterprise IT Portfolio?

Public-sector organizations maximize IT investments by aligning them with business strategies. North Carolina's IT portfolio is made up of all agencies' IT projects, existing applications and the infrastructure that supports them. With IT portfolio management, agencies go beyond IT support and objectively evaluate the value of IT initiatives and projects for themselves and other government services.

Managing the state's IT portfolio allows the state to

  • Focus on programs and projects that meet business goals and objectives
  • Optimize state and federal investment opportunities to provide the most value to stakeholders

Enterprise Portfolio Management Tool

The state's enterprise portfolio management tool, iServer, provides a centralized repository for agencies to document their business capabilities, processes, applications, data and technology. Agencies can manage, govern, visualize and share information across this common, object-oriented repository using business and IT management best practices.

Using this enterprise portfolio management tool helps the state

  • Prioritize IT engagement to realize business strategies
  • Deliver programs and services that drive innovation and transformational change
  • Direct the right resources to the right work at the right time
  • Manage costs against budget and across portfolios
  • Analyze portfolio performance to improve decision making

With the Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) module being introduced to iServer, agencies can better understand the dependencies among their applications, technology landscape, business capabilities and strategy. SPM bridges formulation of IT strategies and management of the resulting changes to the IT footprint.

iServer is a restricted-access tool. NCDIT handles account requests to create iServer accounts.

What Are the Application Portfolio and Dashboards?

NCDIT has implemented application portfolio management (APM) for agencies to inventory and clearly visualize the state of their applications. APM gives a complete picture of agencies' product and services portfolio, costs, relationships and lifespans.

Looking at this picture, agencies can align their applications, technology landscapes, business capabilities and strategies and create a comprehensive, actionable roadmap supporting business operations.

NCDIT publicly presents information on APM on interactive Power BI-driven dashboards. This public service provides greater transparency in government services and spending. APM data is available from fiscal year 2017 forward, pursuant to general statues.


Dashboards Access publicly available information on the state of North Carolina's application portfolio.
iServer Access to this enterprise portfolio management tool is restricted. NCDIT handles account requests.
Enterprise IT Portfolio Management SharePoint Site This restricted-access site has resources for iServer users. NCDIT handles access requests.