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Service Description

The 725A Telephony Premise and Maintenance convenience contract is the culmination of provisioning and maintenance for telephone systems. The provisioning portion of the Telephony Premise Equipment and Maintenance convenience contract allows any North Carolina government entity to procure premise-based telephone systems and services for single or multiple sites of up to 5,000 users. The Telephony Premise Equipment and Maintenance contract also allows any North Carolina government entity to upgrade or add complex applications to new or existing premise-based telephone systems. The contract provides products and services from seven manufacturers. All selected manufacturer product lines meet our defined requirements for capacity, expansion and functionality with a number of key system, PBX or IP platforms available. Selected product lines represent a broad segment of the systems sold in the U.S.

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The manufacturer product lines represented are listed as follows:





Service Information

Premise Telephony - Purchase or Upgrade is a pass-through service made available to our customers by way of negotiated contracts with commercial service providers. The governing contracts for these types of services are negotiated to provide rates and terms favorable to the state. For this service, customers interact directly with the vendor for the provisioning of the service and its ongoing support. Consequently, we cannot commit to service-level agreements, such as provisioning and resolution times. Customers also interact directly with the vendor to ensure the accuracy of user account data.

In addition to the direct vendor costs, we charge an administrative fee for contract management and billing services. Please consult the “How Do We Charge” section for more information regarding the service model.


  • This service provides a vehicle to procure telecommunication systems for varying sized organizations at a discounted price structure that rivals commercial pricing from the same vendors.
  • The procurement of a telephone system for a group or organization may entail a number of idiosyncrasies that a system administrator may not be familiar with. By using the 725A contract, consultation and project management services on the impending project are just a few of the benefits realized.
  • Through the option of using a self-service web portal,, a direct interface with contract vendors is provided for customers to procure telephony systems, upgrade existing systems and procure maintenance contracts.
  • Four service packages are available to customers, each providing a NCDIT Solution Development analyst's assistance. Customers can choose among two basic packages, two complex packages or a combination of packages.


  • State agencies
  • Community colleges
  • Municipal and county governments
  • Universities and K-12 schools

How Do We Charge?

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Next Steps

We provide all NC government entities with two basic systems packages and two complex systems packages for the procurement or upgrade of premise-based telephone systems. Through the use of a self-service web portal (, the procurement or upgrade of a telephone system can be requested and fully managed by the customer, who will be interfacing directly with the vendor. Or the customer has the option of requesting that a NCDIT Solution Development analyst handle a portion or all of the procurement or upgrade process.

Service packages are available if the customer would like assistance with a particular set of activities associated with the procurement or upgrade process. Requesting Service Package IV will provide the customer with full assistance from the beginning of the project to the end.

Basic systems procurement includes:

  • Service Package I
    • Initial planning and consulting
    • Full needs assessment with web tool entry
    • On-site vendor survey
    • Rapid pricing turnaround (system plus maintenance)
  • Service Package II
    • Service Package I
    • Complete design review by trained network engineers
    • Bid review/vendor award
    • Bid re-submission (if required)

Complex systems procurement includes:

  • Service Package III
    • Service Package II
    • VoIP network assessment
    • Training
    • First bill review
    • Project management with time-based vendor performance measurement
  • Service Package IV
    • Service Package III
    • Complex engineering design and pricing support (such as wireless, paging, etc.)
    • Multi-service design and engineering
    • Multiple sites design and engineering

Custom package includes:

  • Predictive dialer
  • Maintenance only
  • Bid clarification
  • "Best value" bid requirement

Depending on the level of assistance required, the Solution Development analyst will work with the customer to prepare a thorough needs analysis that determines system size, features, applications and related infrastructure requirements. Once the customer's needs are determined, quotes are requested, and prices are submitted by applicable vendors. To ensure accuracy, a NCDIT networking engineer reviews each design.

Most basic systems can be purchased and installed within 45 days. Time to install can vary based on the customer's normal turn-around time for processing purchase orders. More complex system projects can be completed in 90-120 days, again dependent upon purchase order approval and insurance cycles.

Contact Information

NCDIT Voice Services Network Analyst Assignment: Carol Nease - Solution Development Manager, Phone: 919-754-6817, Email:

Technical Information: Lloyd Taylor - Service Delivery Network Specialist, Phone: 919-754-6745, Email:

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