Managed PBX Telephony


Service Description

The Enterprise - Managed PBX Telephony service is built on a time-proven, high-performance, and high-availability platform that delivers premise based services. The configuration allows the deployment of solutions that can operate in a stand-alone mode from other services and systems yet can interface with other technologies and applications when required. This platform allows the State to deliver feature rich services to the end user at very attractive price points. The flexible topography options of this solution allow the State to deliver services to campus, multi-site, branch (networked or distributed), remote, small, and home office based users.

The service has been built and is managed by DIT for the express purpose of enabling State agencies, universities, and community colleges to reap the benefits of enhanced communications capabilities, features, and operating efficiencies while leveraging the economies of scale for the nearly 15,000 lines in service.

Depending on business requirements, agencies are provided with local premise based equipment that provides access to State voice network vendor provided facilities. If required, locations can be provided redundant capabilities to further protect the location from loss of service. Users are also provided with an array of electronic telephone instruments to choose from to meet their specific business needs. Voice mail, long distance call detail reporting, maintenance, software changes, and a personal telephone number are included in the service.

The following optional services are available:

  • Expanded voice/fax mail
  • Expansion modules
  • PC attendant console
  • Soft client applications
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Automated call attendants


  • Feature-rich services to the end user at attractive price points
  • Redundant capabilities provided to further protext the location from loss of service


  • State Agencies

How Do We Charge?

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Next Steps

The Enterprise-Managed PBX service platform allows rapid adaptation of communications infrastructure and facilities to meet operational challenges brought on by customer demand, regulatory changes, and organizational staffing needs. As a result, the service requires the support of a Voice Services Network Analyst who will assist the agency in analyzing its business needs and determining the appropriate telephony requirements.

Upon design approval by the subscribing agency, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be prepared outlining the finalized deliverables. After the MOU is signed, the equipment will be ordered and the agreed on system will be installed. User training will be provided by us or by an entity hired by us.

Communications and Status

DIT also provides communications through the DIT Communications Hub when Incidents or outages occur that may impact the customer.

If you are a customer of applicable Services updated via the DIT Communications Hub, visit the site to view communications and status, and register to receive emailed notifications relative to the Services. To register for Communications Hub emails, click on “Notifications” on the upper left of the Communications Hub screen, then click on “Notification Subscriptions.” 


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