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Service Description

Voice Mail is a computerized system for answering telephone calls, delivering a personalized greeting and recording voice messages. Voice mail is available 24 hours per day, greatly reducing "telephone tag" when subscribers are on telephone calls or away from their desks. Voice mail can be accessed in the office or from any touch tone telephone. Greetings can be changed at any time. Messages are time-stamped, and at the users discretion can be listened to, replayed, replied to, forwarded, broadcast, appended, and saved or deleted. Subscribers benefit from getting the entire message rather than an abbreviated summary, along with the benefit of sensing message importance and urgency from the caller's voice inflection.

IVMS (Integrated Voice Messaging Service) is the new voice-messaging platform for all enterprise voice-messaging systems providing voice mail for Enterprise – IP Telephony (EIPT)Enterprise – Managed PBX Telephony and Centrex services. IVMS is offered by DIT as an integral part of our managed telephony services for the express purpose of enhancing subscriber communications and efficiency. This voice messaging system is an integral component of our hosted telephone services.

We provide voice mail (voice messaging) service as a standard, integral component of the State Government Complex (SGC) PBX and Enterprise IP Telephony (EIPT) service for all analog, digital, and VoIP telephones. IVMS is offered as an optional service for State of NC Centrex subscribers in Raleigh.

IVMS is based on Avaya's SIP based unified communication system, and can be integrated to multiple PBXs. IVMS features are listed below.


  • Personalized greeting (normal and extended absence options)
  • Record
  • Listen
  • Rewind
  • Transfer
  • Save
  • Delete
  • Forward
  • Call Sender
  • Route messages by extension number, or by speaking message recipient's name
  • Delivery options – private, important, or future delivery
  • MWI (Message Waiting Indicator)
  • Self-service password reset (from phone or web)
  • Integrated fax (no extra cost, but only set up on request)
  • Web subscriber self-service options (user profile and password reset)
  • Reach Me (offers callers an option to have IVMS extend call to alternate phone number)
  • Notify Me (message notification via email, text, or alphanumeric page)
  • 60-day message retention
  • 60 minutes total storage

Auto Attendant

IVMS can also serve as a departmental or agency wide auto attendant, allowing callers to call or say the name of the employee, department or service required. Auto attendant is a custom application, and must be designed for each individual application.

IVMS Service Links

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  • Personal Greeting assures callers they have reached the right person
  • Voice messages include message details that written messages don't
  • Reduces telephone tag
  • Messages are confidential
  • Multiple methods of message notification
  • Available 24 hours per day
  • Greetings and messages can be accessed remotely
  • System maintenance including regular upgrades to keep the system at current software and firmware versions
  • 24 x 7 remote monitoring of core and remote site equipment


  • State Agencies
  • All EIPT, SGC PBX and Raleigh area State Centrex subscribers
  • IVMS is currently serving approximately 15,000 subscribers

How Do We Charge?

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Next Steps

The IVMS (Integrated Voice Messaging Service) platform allows rapid adaptation of communications infrastructure and facilities to meet operational challenges brought on by customer demand, regulatory changes, and organizational staffing needs. As a result, the service requires the support of a Voice Services Network Analysts who will assist the agency in analyzing its business needs and determining the appropriate telephony requirements.

An additional analysis of the agency's underlying infrastructure will be performed by our engineering staff to determine the network's capacity to support this application.

Upon design approval by the subscribing agency, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be prepared outlining the finalized deliverables. After the MOU is signed, the equipment will be ordered and the agreed on system will be installed. User training will be provided by us or by an entity hired by us.

Communications and Status

If you are a customer of this service, please visit our Communication Hub to self-register for communications regarding this service and to view Service Status.

  • Effective August 15, 2016, the ITS Communications Hub has been replaced with the new DIT Communications Hub.  The DIT Communications Hub is restricted to government and educational agencies. 
  • The link to the new DIT Communications Hub is
  • If you are unable to access the new DIT Communications Hub please contact the DIT Service Desk at 919-754-6000 or open a ticket in the NCDIT Service Portal.


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