Cellular Telephone Technical Details

Technical Details

The current technologies employed in the Cellular Telephone Service contract are CDMA, GSM and IDEN technology platforms. Verizon, Sprint and US Cellular utilize CDMA technology. Sprint also uses the IDEN technology in its voice and data services. Verizon's 4G/Long Term Evolution (LTE) employs the GSM platform.

The standard data rates associated with the varying cellular services range from 1xRTT to EVDO Rev A. This equates to 60-80 kbps to 450-800 kbps through put for both up and down link speeds on a CDMA platform. On the GSM platform, the wireless standard used ranges between EDGE and HSDPA which equates to data speed through put of 60 kbps to 7.2 mbps. 4G technology is currently delivering 3-6 Mbps Uplink and 10+ Mbps Downlink, with higher data rates planned for the future. The 4G standards will eventual displace some landline data services in the near future.

Hours of Availability

  • This service is available 24/7.
  • Network availability is determined by geographic areas covered by the selected plan(s).
  • Access to service in all geographic areas is not guaranteed by all service providers.
  • Service providers guarantee 99.999% network availability (domestic USA calls only) for calls within the calling plan's geographic service area.