Cellular Telephone

Service Description

The Cellular Telephone Service program provided by DIT provides Cellular Telephone Service plans and related equipment from several, strategic Cellular Providers. The negotiated plans are designed and intended to cover the state's normal requirements for cellular service and equipment at competitively attractive rates.

Plan coverage ranges from basic Emergency-Only service to national coverage plans for up to 6,000 minutes; per month of usage.  The Cellular Service through DIT is the mandatory, State-wide contract for use by the State's Executive Branch Agencies – it is also available for non-Agency, State organizations, such as teachers and Local Governments

Five national companies provide service plans under the Cellular Telephone service contract; these are listed in the table below, along with coverage area and minutes available.

All Service Providers include a minimum one-year parts and labor warranty on phone instruments.






AT&T Wireless

National/ Regional



$0.99 to $299.99

Sprint/Nextel Wireless

National/ Regional



$0.01 to $408.00


National/ Regional



$0.00 to $669.99

US Cellular




$0.99 to $434.30

Verizon Wireless

National/ Regional



$0.00 to $569.99


AT&T FirstNet

In addition to providing plans for the typical administrative and technical staff across the State, the FirstNet Solution is now available as part of the Cellular Service offering.  Designed to assist authorized public safety Agencies, authorized affiliated businesses and personnel providing Public Safety Services, the AT&T FirstNet program was developed in coordination with the Federal Government to provide effective Cellular solutions for first responders - regardless of their respective location at the time of the required communication.  

Service Information

Cellular Telephone is a Pass-Through service made available to DIT Customers for convenience, via negotiated contracts with commercial Service Providers.  Pass Through meaning while DIT is available to assist with consultation relevant to Cellular being a viable solution or option, for Ordering, Billing and Warranty/Repair issues for this service, Customers will interact directly with the vendor for the provisioning of the service and its ongoing support.  There are no Service Level Commitments for items such as provisioning or resolution fulfilment times.

Customers will engage and interact directly with the Vendor/Provider to ensure the accuracy of user account data. The governing Contracts for these types of Services are negotiated to provide rates and terms favorable to the State.

Click here to go to the Cellular Service Providers links/websites.

FirstNet Solution Service information is available in the Associated Documents section, here.


  • Free night and weekend calling
  • Voice mail
  • Three-way calling
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Free nationwide long distance
  • Broadband access for Blackberry and Smartphone devices
  • Free intra-band mobile-to-mobile calling

General Information:

Since October 1, 2007, several changes have been made in the general policies and order processes for obtaining cellular services and accessories under the new contract agreement. Please read the following policies carefully to ensure you are familiar with these policies and order processes.

  • A method of securing cellular services information is being implemented under the new Cellular Telephone contract. This involves continued use of secure websites that are maintained by the respective vendors on the state's contract.
    • These secure websites will provide all the information pertaining to the state contract for the respective vendor.
    • Customers will select one of the vendors on the state contract (URLs listed below) to obtain information and to place orders.
      • Customers will be able to provision services, to include adds, disconnects, changing service plans, and porting of services.
      • Customers will also be able to purchase equipment and accessories from these secure websites.
    • To ensure proper pricing and service plan utilization, all orders must be placed through the respective vendors secure website.
    • Pricing and program plans are subject to change at any time.
    • Shipping is available by standard mail and delivery and free on board to any location within North Carolina.
    • Service providers will complete delivery within five (5) consecutive calendar days after placing an order through the vendor's website.
    • If repairs are required during the equipment warranty and the unit will be out of service for more than 48 hours, a loaner unit of similar type and function will be provided until repairs can be accomplished. Please refer to the vendor's website for further instructions.


  • State Agencies
  • Boards and Commissions
  • Community Colleges
  • County Governments
  • Municipal Governments
  • Schools K-12
  • Universities

How Do We Charge?

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Vendor websites with plan and pricing information are listed below.

In addition to the direct vendor cost, DIT charges an administrative fee for contract management and billing services. Please consult the “How Do We Charge” section for more information regarding the service model.

Rates charged by the individual service providers include all required DIT administrative fees. Billing is monthly and is provided directly to the customer. We recommend that customers review their charges quarterly to check for correct user accounts and excessive use.

The costs associated with the pricing of service plans, features, equipment, and accessories is predicated on discounts off the original pricing plus administrative fees. All pricing can be viewed on the respective vendors' websites. The pricing on the vendors' websites does not include regulatory fees and taxes.

The discounting schedule of the authorized vendors is as follows:


Service Plans



AT&T Wireless












US Cellular




Verizon Wireless




International: We do not have a specific per-minute rate for international calls. The cost is the same as the contracted vendor's FCC approved tariff rate. The cost is based on factors such as the rate to the country being called, the length of the call, and the rate for the time of day that the call is being placed.

NC State Government Contract Vendors - Secure Websites:


Next Steps

Reviewing, selection and subscription to any of the Cellular Services plans is completed by the Customer through a self-service web portal provided by each Authorized Vendor.  These are detailed above. As previously stated, a DIT Solutions Development Analyst is available to work with customers to determine the viability of Cellular Telephone in meeting business needs.

For Customers requiring assistance; before calling the Solutions Development Analyst to place an order for Cellular Services, the following information should be obtained:

  • Service location (street address)
  • Department Code for billing purposes. If customer does not have a Department Code, they may obtain one by calling our Service Desk at (919) 754-6000.
  • Approximate number of minutes of usage that will be required monthly
  • Predominant area in which the wireless device will be used
  • Type of equipment and accessories that will be required


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