Software Quality and Security Testing Tools & Capabilities

Functional Testing

Our Functional Testing tools are Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and Micro Focus Sprinter. When used with Quality Center, Micro Focus's UFT tool helps to satisfy both functional and regression test automation requirements for most major software applications and environments. Micro Focus Sprinter helps in generating manual test steps.

UFT is the new installment of Micro Focus’s automated functional testing tool that replaces QuickTest Professional (QTP). With its redesigned integrated development environment (IDE), UFT combines all the capabilities of QTP for graphical user interface (GUI) testing and Micro Focus Service Test (ST) for application program interface (API) testing.

Key features include:

  • Simulate user interaction and behavior through Record and Playback
  • Unified IDE (Integrated Development Environment) allows for GUI as well as API (service) test automation
  • Parameterization of data by using keyword-driven approach
  • Capture objects and create verification checkpoints
  • Exception handling of errors, pop-up windows or messages
  • Automate repetitive actions and complex tasks
  • Sharing of function libraries and objects
  • New UFT canvas is a test flow pane that displays all actions/functions of the test scripts
  • Build and maintain reusable scripts
  • Group multiple tests into a single solution and work on them without having to close a test to work on a different test
  • UFT runs on all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari (on remote Mac PC)
  • Web services testing is now possible with UFT
  • Generate manual test steps and generate smart defects with details recorded automatically using Sprinter
  • Record video, capture screen shots and user actions during exploratory testing using Sprinter

The shared test infrastructure offers 24 x 7 accessibility to Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing via virtual private network (VPN) to allow users to manage, develop, and execute test scripts for a given application. Users can then quickly review or generate reports on the test results and see if any defects are found.

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Performance Testing

Our Performance Testing and Monitoring tools are Micro Focus Performance Center, VuGen, Analysis and Site Scope monitoring. These tools will enable load, stress, scalability, and peak performance testing of most mission-critical applications before deployment. Key features include:

  • Wide range of bundled protocols: Database, GUI, Java, .NET Record/Replay, Network, Oracle E-Business, Remote Access, Remote Desktop, Rich Internet Applications, SAP, SOA, Templates, Web and Multimedia, Web 2.0, and Wireless
  • Testing for up to 9000 web and multimedia virtual users
  • Perform and present end-to-end system performance measurements
  • Verify new or upgraded applications meet pre-defined business processes and performance requirements
  • Identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks
  • Tune applications and databases for better performance

The shared test infrastructure offers 24 x 7 accessibility to Micro Focus Performance Center to allow users to manage, develop, execute, and monitor load test scripts for a given application. Users can then quickly review or generate reports on the load test results and any potential bottlenecks found.

Mobile and Network Testing

  • Install the standalone connector for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS
  • Connect real devices, Android or iOS devices to the Mobile Center Connector box
  • Allow others to run tests with Mobile Center by adding them to the list of Mobile Center users
  • Manage workspaces
  • UFT/LeanFT integration
  • Writing manual and automation testcases
  • Schedule the test runs

Security Testing

  • Compile applications like .Net and Java in preparation for scanning the application using SCA
  • Write scripts to do the Static Analysis phase of an SCA Scan
  • Use SCA to execute a scan using Cloud Scan
  • Scanning source code
  • Fortify SCA Audit Workbench – Reviewing Vulnerabilities
  • Integration with Microsoft VSTS
  • Integration with Jenkins build solution
  • Uploading scan files
  • Merging scans
  • Cloud scan automation / integration with SCA
  • Bug metrics / trends
  • Report generation

Test Management

Our Test Management tools are Micro Focus ALM Quality Center and Agile Manager. These tools provide all the key elements of test management within a software development lifecycle. The key core components are:

  • Dashboard management
  • Release management
  • Requirements management
  • Business process testing
  • Test planning and execution
  • Defect management
  • Reporting
  • Centralized database storage
  • Built-in sprint closure and retrospective capabilities
  • Task and release planning boards and seamless integrations

Key features include:

  • Access testing resources 24 x 7 via a web browser interface
  • Facilitate and collaborate standardized testing and quality processes through a single platform
  • Manage manual and automated tests from a central location
  • Schedule and execute tests automatically, unattended, 24 x 7 when logged into an SQA Testing Services provided functional workstation
  • Capture, create, report, and review defects
  • Measure progress and effectiveness of testing activities
  • Evaluate application readiness of a given project at any point during the testing process
  • Real-time feedback on progress

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