About Software Quality & Security Testing

Software Quality and Security Testing Services is a subscription fee based managed shared service, which offers a highly reliable, scalable, secure, and cost-effective testing platform that state agencies and local government entities (within North Carolina) can utilize 24 x 7 for managing their testing projects and/or fulfilling all their quality assurance and application testing requirements.

Software Quality and Security Testing Services follows the SaaS “Software as a Service” delivery model to support, maintain, and host a full range of Micro Focus software testing tools (ALM Quality Center, ALM Performance Center, ALM Octane, Unified Functional Test, LeanFT, Sprinter, Site Scope, Mobile Center, Fortify and Agile Manager) in order to meet the testing demands for today's evolving and highly complex IT business and public-facing applications.

Customers of the service can use their own personnel to support their testing requirements or employ our testing professionals/subject matter experts on a time and materials basis or a combination of both. Optional testing services are available on a Ttime and materials basis.

We can cover every need in software quality assurance by offering access to testing tools and products as well as consulting services.

Our Subject Matter Expert-Based Services


  • Design and document structured quality assurance process and test strategy to suite your needs
  • Testing environment setup and optimization
  • Effective collaboration between business, development and quality assurance teams
  • Training on test activities and tools usage

End-to-End Test Coverage for All Stages of Software Development

  • Requirements analysis and testing
  • Design document review
  • Business case validation
  • Unit and integration testing
  • GUI and user acceptance testing
  • Defect recording, help analyze the cause and re-test
  • Regression testing and test automation
  • Production support testing

For more information on our services, please refer to our service catalog description.

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