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Why Test?

Testing applications prior to production is absolutely critical, whether it is for new development, a change or an enhancement.

  • Cost to correct post-production defects is much higher than pre-production.
  • Defects have a costly legal and/or material impact on state operations.
  • Defects erode citizen confidence.
  • IT applications are becoming more complex, which increases the need for careful and thorough testing.

 “Next to requirements management, testing is the most overlooked, most underfunded, most rushed yet most critical aspect of the application development lifecycle.” – Gartner

Why Functional Test Automation?

Automating functional testing accomplishes the goal to test software not only adequately but also as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Automation increases the test coverage and reduces the need for manual testing, which is error prone and time consuming.

In addition, automation allows running tests again and again. This gives us confidence that the new work we add to the system does not break the code that has been working.

Automation also makes sure that the changes we introduce are working.

“Software defects cost the U.S. economy $59.5 billion annually.” – NIST


Reduce Risk
Provide more comprehensive test coverage, which may not be possible manually due to time constraints or tight deadlines.

Reduce Cost
Re-using automation scripts executed against other versions of the application elminates the need to create new scripts for new versions.

Improve Quality
Automation increases the depth and scope of testing possible for each release. Increased coverage allows uncovering bugs earlier.

Reduce Time
Automated scripts run substantially faster than manual scripts and can be run unattended, 24/7, across multiple platforms, browsers and environments simultaneously, which reduces the overall time taken to complete testing cycles.

Improve Reliability
Once automated tests are developed, the tests will consistently perform the same operations for every run. This effectively eliminates human errors made by manual testers.


"It's fantastic that the Q&S team has implemented a tier 1, best practice testing solution that can be leveraged across the state. This is a great example of effectively using our limited state resources to generate economy of scale."
– Bill Onisick, Modernization program executive, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

"With the Q&S testing services team’s help and lead, we were able to develop what should be tested, identify potential problems, and predict different variables."
– Kori House, Voter registration program specialist, State Board of Elections

"Their expertise, guidance and dedication were critical to our success. The best part is not only they are great professionals in their field but great team players and a pleasure to work with."
– Carlos Souza, Business and technology application specialist, NCDIT

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