Premise Telephony - Purchase or Upgrade Technical Details

Technical Details

Telephone systems purchased under the contract generally fall into one of two categories: basic or complex. Basic systems are typically those having common voice feature requirements including voice mail. Complex systems are those requiring enhanced features, multi-site connectivity, Voice over IP (VoIP), and/or call centers.

  • Technologies
    The technologies that are employed on this contract are analog, digital, and IP.
  • Platforms
    The platforms supported on this contract are key systems, PBXs, and Centrex.
  • Vendors
    • Avaya - Avaya/TriCom
    • Cisco - NWN Comm
    • Mitel – Mitel Network Solutions/Mitel Business Systems
    • NEC – Blackbox
    • Shortel Comm
    • Toshiba - Bunn Comm
    • Unify (Formally Siemans)
  • System Security
    Each agency has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring their system is secure from unlawful and unauthorized access. During installation, each vendor has the responsibility to follow the State Information Security Manual and perform a check to ensure the installation adheres to the state's requirements. The agency is responsible for checking the vendor and for maintaining this security. A supplemental guide is available.

    Also, unless otherwise specifically authorized, international calling is blocked by the vendor. To allow international calling, send a completed TO-5 form with international Long Distance checked.

Customer Responsibilities

Before either using the DIT Self-Service Web Portal or contacting us for assistance, the following information should be available:

  • The actual number of users and incoming telephone lines
  • The number of fax machines, modems, etc. in use
  • A determination of whether voice mail will be required
  • The manufacturer and model name of the existing system being replaced or upgraded
  • The existence or need for vendor maintenance
  • Proper budget authorization for the procurement

The speed of installation will be greatly influenced by the purchase order process. All vendors on the contract are registered in E-Procurement, which helps to expedite orders. Installation of a basic small telephone system requires a minimum of 30 days from onset to completion of the project.

Hours of Availability

  • A Networking Analyst is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, (except holidays) for system procurement support and project management
  • Requests for general information can be directed to our Service Desk on a 24 x 7 basis
  • Responses to questions or requests will be addressed the next business day
  • All vendors approved on the contract offer system maintenance and repair during regular business hours and after hours via extra cost/extended hours coverage plans