Distributed Hosting

Service Description

We provide managed hosting solutions for State of NC applications. Through the use of advanced technology, we provide multiple platforms geared to meet customer computing needs on a 24x7 basis. These platforms provide customers with highly available, monitored, and securely managed hosting solutions.

We offer distributed hosting solutions on the following operating system / server platforms:

  • AIX on IBM pSeries servers
  • Linux on x86 servers
  • Solaris on x86 or SPARC servers
  • Windows on x86 servers


  • Distributed Hosting offers fully managed hosting solutions for state agencies, allowing agencies to concentrate their staff on application solutions.
  • Distributed Hosting currently maintains over 2000 hosts for agencies throughout North Carolina. Distributed Hosting is able to provide a full range of managed hosting solutions and supporting services with an economy of scale not possible for most agencies.

Storage and Backups

We offer a wide variety of storage capabilities to support Distributed Hosting, including tape, optical and disk. These capabilities span the mainframe and the distributed hosting environments, including both dedicated physical and virtual hosting offerings. We provide multiple disk and tape tiers such as high-end disk storage, virtual tape, mid-range disk storage, Network Addressable Storage (NAS) devices, Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) disk systems, Storage Area Network (SAN) attached storage, and content addressable storage.

All hosting environments can be integrated with storage, backup, and archive services. Business continuity requirements for business critical applications and disaster recovery capabilities can be achieved via leverage of the geographically-dispersed Eastern and Western Data Centers, redundant high-speed networking, and enterprise backups and data mirroring across storage environments.

Backup/Data Recovery is available based on requirements. Standard media rotation and retention schedule is as follows:

  • Daily incremental backups — retained off-site for two weeks
    • Daily incrementals are not retained longer than two weeks unless requested
    • Backups run Monday through Saturday
  • Full backups are performed weekly and retained off-site for 1 month (1 copy per week)
  • Backups moved off-site daily

Support and Maintenance

Our support and maintenance are included with Distributed Hosting. These areas include hardware, operating system, performance and system monitoring, and security vulnerability and scanning.

  • Hardware support and maintenance
    • Our engineers install and set up all server hardware in accordance with industry best practices. Also, in conjunction with the hardware Operating System (OS) vendors, our engineers will apply firmware patches to systems in accordance with state policies and standards.
    • We will also repair or replace any hardware component under warranty shown to be detrimental to the continued operation of a system.
  • Operating system support and maintenance
    • Our engineers, in conjunction with the our Information Security and OS Vendors, will apply patches to operating systems in accordance with state policies and standards.
  • Performance and system monitoring
    • We monitor several key items for all servers on the following platforms:
    • Processes and log files can be monitored as requested
    • We monitor several key items for the Server Farm Network
    • Standard fault, configuration, performance and security management monitoring, including:
      • Fault detection with notification to operational personnel and incident ticket creation
      • Archiving device configurations and insuring security policies are enforced in the configuration
      • Collecting and reporting on performance metrics
      • Syslog collection, storage and analysis
      • Device authentication, authorization and accounting
  • Security, vulnerability and scanning
    • Perform periodic scans of IP addresses under the State of North Carolina's control:
      • We take every precaution to protect the network infrastructure and the machines scanned.
      • Scans are run in the safe mode ensuring minimum impact.
      • Our Information Security (IS) team will coordinate scans through our Change Management process.
      • IS will provide a notification email prior to performing a scan.
      • If an agency does not want an application scanned, the customer will need to follow the Statewide Standards Deviation Reporting process (040106).
      • We make no representation or warranty that vulnerability scans will disclose all vulnerabilities.
    • Provide a monthly executive level and detailed level report of the scanning results to agreed distribution listing
    • Provide consultation on findings and mitigations
    • Track findings according to classification and status


  • State Agencies
  • Local and County Governments
  • Community Colleges

How Do We Charge?

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Next Steps

The Hosting Services Implementation group is the designated point of contact responsible for obtaining official customer requirements for Distributed Hosting services. A Hosting Services Coordinator will establish a project team and create a formal project plan based on the results of the assessment.

  • The Hosting Services Coordinator is available to assist the customer to:
    • Provide ongoing project management and communication between us and the customer organization
    • Manage project plans, help mitigate risks and provide escalation when required
    • Prepare server configurations to meet business requirements and provide cost estimates
    • Manage purchase order requisitions and coordinate with hardware and software vendors for delivery of equipment

To obtain our services:

  1. Send an email to our Service Desk at dit.Incidents@its.nc.gov requesting consultation from the Hosting Services Implementation group.
  2. A Hosting Services Coordinator will respond directly and schedule a discovery meeting to determine your scope and requirements. You may complete a Customer Questionnaire with your requirements, using either a DocuSign form (see the light blue button below) or a PDF form (under "Associated Files" below).
  3. The Hosting Services Coordinator reviews and analyzes the request based on the completed customer questionnaire.
  4. An initial meeting is set up to review these requirements.

Communications and Status

If you are a customer of this service, please visit our Customer Communication Hub to self-register for communications regarding this service and to view Service Status.

  • Effective August 15, 2016, the ITS Communications Hub has been replaced with the new DIT Communications Hub.  The DIT Communications Hub is restricted to government and educational agencies. 
  • The link to the new DIT Communications Hub is https://ncconnect.sharepoint.com/sites/it_ext/com_hub_2/.
  • If you are unable to access the new DIT Communications Hub please contact the DIT Service Desk at 919-754-6000 or dit.incidents@its.nc.gov.

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