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Service Description

The goal of Database Hosting services is to provide the database (DB) infrastructure required to support business applications for North Carolina state government agencies. In conjunction with Distributed Hosting services, we install and maintain the database resource to ensure data integrity and security, as well as appropriate levels of availability and recoverability. We provide on-call support to maintain the resource at the level required to meet your system availability needs. Database Hosting services will maintain system administration rights to the database while customizing the granting of full application database authority needed by your Applications Database Administrators (DBAs) to maintain and support your application.

Standard Level Services provided:

  • Physical DB architectural design
  • Installation and configuration of the DB engine
  • Design and implementation of appropriate DB archive logs and backup schedule to provide for recovery objectives
  • Maintenance level and security patches to the DB engine
  • Scheduling services for recurring user-defined command scripts
  • On-call paging and/or e-mail alert of DB resource availability and disk space
  • Database recovery/restoration
  • Full granting of application database privileges to your staff as required to maintain and administer your applications

Extended Level Services available:

  • Database replication
  • Database clustering
  • Extended monitoring to 24/7
  • Database migration assistance
  • Database performance statistical reports and consultation with your agency's application DBA or development staff


Taking advantage of Database Hosting services reduces your organization's investment in the database infrastructure and allows your staff to concentrate on delivering the applications specific to your organization, without the burden of maintaining the infrastructure:

  • We do the research on database maintenance releases and security patches.
  • We work the off-hours to perform patches and upgrades.
  • We monitor the back office databases, ensuring availability.
  • We ensure daily/weekly backups of your database are performed.
  • We recover your databases for disaster recovery testing.
  • We maintain high priority database vendor support relationships.


Both large and small organizations use our services. By pursuing a custom approach to our database offerings, we can build a database infrastructure that matches your agency's requirements. We have systems in place from a simple stand-alone database to drive dynamic content for a Web application to highly available multi-node clustered databases with automatic failover and active replication to off-site disaster recovery systems.

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Next Steps

To take advantage of our Database Hosting offerings, contact our Service Desk at (919) 754-6000 or 800-722-3946, or submit a service request to our Project Management Office / Service Transition. Provide a brief description of your distributed hosting / database needs. The PMO / Service Transition office will then contact you to discuss your needs and begin a provisioning project.

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