Network Service Tools

We provide measurement services for reporting on the health of our network. Historical network availability and performance statistics are publicly available, as well as tools for on-demand diagnostics.

Network Maps

Conceptual Network Design

Geographical Network Topology Map

Connectivity Tools

WAN CORE reporting offers insight into the performance and availability of the state's core network infrastructure being used to support the client's environment. Availability and historical performance is tracked and displayed for customer online viewing.

NCIN CORE Availability Statistics

NCIN CORE Performance Statistics Matrix

Agency / Customer network performance and availability reporting offer insight into the performance and availability of the client's network(s) being used to support their environment. Availability and historical performance are tracked and securely accessed for customer online viewing. Metrics are typically reported for daily, weekly, and monthly time periods. Historical data will be kept for a maximum period of one year.

NCIN Customer Performance Portal 
Monitored Performance Metrics for network devices

On-Demand Diagnostics

NCIN Speed Test

NCIN User Data - NetFlow Statistics 
A tool that collects, analyzes, and reports on how your network bandwidth is being used.