NCXCloud *** Daily Maintenance after 5 P.M.***

Project News: The N.C. of Information Technology will be replacing X/TND and X/NET to a more secure enterprise cloud-based content delivery system by July 20, 2020. If your agency would be interested to see a demo or videos on learning the new NCXCloud functions and features, scroll down below and click the pre-recorded training video sessions.

For anyone wanting to test or access the new system, download the below test plan, connect to your local network VPN, and go to the Production environment here or our Test environment here Login with your RACF ID credentials.


  • Jan. 31, 2021: Disabled Xtnd and Xnet


Issues Being Addressed

  • Known Issues and Workarounds
  • Slowness and Performance - Fine tuning in progress, daily maintenance after 5:00 PM
  • Scripts not working to record routine tasks
  • Whitelist - Will be implemented April 1st. (Open a NCDIT ticket to request to be added to whitelist and vetted)
  • Report an issue by logging in and opening a ServiceNow ticket. Open a NCDIT ServiceNow request.