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IT Business Analysis

About IT Business Analysis

About IT Business Analysis

The Business Analysis team provides consulting, staffing, and training services to business and technology stakeholders across the state. The service is most frequently provided through the allocation of team resources to support Business Analysis activities on agency IT projects.

Business Analysts serve as knowledgeable liaisons to the business and are effective translators for technical project stakeholders. The team’s services can be leveraged to support Initiation and Planning phase project activities including:

  • Business Case Development
  • Requirements Elicitation and Documentation
  • Solution Evaluations and Assessments.


Business Analysts guide project teams towards establishing a clear definition of the business goals the organization is trying to achieve. They also support properly defining solution requirements to achieve the desired outcomes. These cornerstone benefits will help to reduce cost overruns, expensive rework, and implementation delays.

The Business Analysis team leverages proven methodologies and tools to support analysis activities. They are skilled facilitators and can support both high-level needs analysis and detailed requirements analysis.

Service Portfolio

Service Portfolio

The team has worked on a wide variety of projects with many state agencies. For more details visit the BA Service Portfolio page.

  • Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Modernization - Department of Transportation 
  • Career Information System - Department of Commerce
  • Transportation Online Planning, Prioritization and Programming (TOP3S) - Department of Transportation
  • Medical Examiner Information System - Department of Health and Human Services 
  • Business Needs Analysis - Department of Cultural Resources
  • Enterprise Architecture & Portfolio Management - Department of Information Technology


How much does the Business Analysis service cost?

The service is funded through appropriated funds so there is no cost passed along to the agency or attributed to the IT project if resources from the team are allocated.

Legislators understood the importance of having strong requirements as the foundation for project success and appropriated funds to enable the team to support IT projects across state agencies and lead efforts to mature business analysis practices within the state.

How do I request this service?

For questions about the service or to request business analysis services contact the team manager Jamie Wood at 919-707-9712

Is the BA Foundations class the only class that is offered?

Currently, the BA Foundations class is the only course offered. There are efforts underway to launch a more comprehensive 2-day course that will be available in 2018 as well as plans to developing short courses on high-demand topics within the domain of business analysis. Reach out to the team’s training lead, Joseph Amash, with any questions or if you have a specialized training need.

What types of projects has the team worked on in the past?

The team has worked on a wide variety of projects for many of the agencies in the State. For a sampling of the projects visit the BA Service Portfolio page.

What projects is the team currently working on?

The team is currently working on a wide variety of projects with many groups within the State. State employees using Office 365 can log in and visit the team’s SharePoint site.

How are projects selected to have BA staff allocated?

Any support request can receive an allocation of staff resources if capacity is available. If capacity is not available when a request is received it will be assessed based on criteria that quantifies the initiative’s business need and impact. This assessment enables the request to be prioritized for allocation of resources.

Training & Resources

0Community Members From all areas of the state, bring expertise from a numerous IT and business areas.

BA Foundations Training

The team conducsts a quarterly BA Foundations training class that is open to all state employees. The class covers business analysis tools and methods leveraged by the team. These practices are designed to align with the Department of Information Technology’s Enterprise Project Management processes and Enterprise Architecture practices.


SharePoint sites are maintained to share templates and tools used and to supporting collaboration and information sharing for the CoP. 

Spotlight Business Analyst

image of Shaila

Shaila has been with the team since its inception in 2014 and has demonstrated exceptional success leading BA efforts for the State. She has lead analysis efforts for initiatives within OSHR, Governor’s Office, DOA, DOT, DHHS, DOJ, DOL, Department of Commerce, Boards & Commission, as well as statewide initiatives through DIT. 

  • OSHR Temp Solutions – Improvement of Temp Solutions Invoicing Process
  • DHHS BEP – Solution to automate the Business Enterprise Program that provides services to enable blind, visually impaired or deaf-blind citizens of the state to become operators of vending and food service programs
  • DOT TOP3S – GIS based solution for the planning, prioritizing and programming of capital improvement projects
  • DOJ Consumer Protection – Complaint (Case) Management System
  • NCIC Case Management – Market Analysis and recommendation for a go forward strategy
  • Shaila has also contributed extensively to efforts within the team to develop and mature the BA practices leveraged. She is extremely adept at understanding the customer’s needs, and recommending optimal solutions.

Shaila is a seasoned IT professional with a Masters in Computer Engineering and over 20 years of experience supporting private industries and NC State agencies in business domains including Insurance, pharmaceutical, legal, financial, Transportation, etc. As an IT consultant in the private sector, Shaila has had extensive experience supporting all phases of the SDLC as a Project Manager, Application Architect, Designer, and Developer. A few of the projects that Shaila supported while at DOJ prior to joining DIT, are the Attorney Billing & Invoicing for the Financial Division, Case Management Solution for the Attorney General’s Office and Records Management for SBI Investigations.

Team Dashboard

Top Ranked Performance Skills

Top Ranked Soft Skills

1. Professionalism
   92% Rated High 
2. Communication Skills
    85% Rated High 
3. Timeliness & Responsiveness
    85% Rated High
85%Positioned for Success Responses reported the initiative was better positioned for success with contributions from the BA.
92%Customer Loyalty Responses reported customers will use the service again and recommend it to others.
85%Deliverables Responses reported a HIGH level of satisfaction with deliverables produced by the BA.