Statewide Architecture Framework

State government must accommodate change quickly, do more with less, and increase visibility and accessibility both within and outside government. The Department of Information Technology is currently working to update and enhance the Statewide Architecture Framework as part of implementing an enterprise architecture tool. This effort includes a review of the existing principles, practices, standards, and guidelines. The previous architecture artifacts are no longer available, however; we are in the process of implementing new artifacts. Templates for these artifacts can be found here.

The Statewide Architecture Framework will provide guidance for development, implementation, and integration of business systems, business information, and technology to deliver efficient business capabilities throughout state government. The framework will also facilitate enterprise project management and approval, sourcing decisions for solutions and technology, and strategic business planning.

In addition, the Statewide IT Procurement Office is implementing a new Request for Proposals (RFP) template. These efforts have made apparent the need for a consolidated set of resources for vendors and agencies related to procurements. This information is now available at the following link: Vendor Engagement Resources 

Please contact the team directly at for more information.