IT Architecture is comprised of three divisions:

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning group leads the collaborative effort to develop and maintain the statewide IT Strategic Plan. The team provides assistance and guidance to agencies in the development of their own IT strategic plans by offering strategic planning frameworks, standards, roadmaps, templates, and publications.

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Technology Strategy and Standards

The Technology Strategy and Standards team collaboratively develops and maintains IT strategies, architectural standards, and technology roadmaps. The team also reviews IT projects and procurements for alignment with statewide architecture, and facilitates a process by which agencies can request exceptions to operate outside of established policies and standards.

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Solutions Design

The Solutions Design group provides requirements collection and analysis, business process improvement and solutions architecture services to key projects. The Solutions Design teams are well versed in the technical and architectural standards of the State and help agencies align with statewide strategic goals. Solutions Design also supports the development of solutions to achieve the business goals established during the strategic planning process.

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