Digital Commons Website Project Planning

Building a new website can be challenging – it’s hard to know where to start.

With our experience building 60 state agency websites, Digital Solutions can advise and guide you in the most effective processes for your new website.

Our proven project process takes you through planning, building, finalization and launch.

Goals and Objectives

What problems will a new website solve for your agency? What do you want it to accomplish? Digital Solutions will help you surface stakeholder expectations and key performance indicators of success.

Website Team Formation

Creating a new website with Digital Solutions is a collaborative effort –you build your website with our assistance. We’ll help you identify critical team members, with their roles and responsibilities.

Stakeholder Identification

A new website is a fresh start and a good time to get assumptions out in the open. Stakeholders need to align on what is most important to guide the vision for the new site. When you bring the right people to attend our Digital Solutions workshops, we help spread that message and change mindsets.


A shared understanding of the project effort and good communication across the agency and to stakeholders are essential. We provide a sample communications plan you can adapt for your agency.

Content Assessment

Evaluating what's on your existing website is foundational work for your new website. We’ll show you how to catalog and assess the current content to decide what goes on the new site.

Target Audience

Who uses your website, and what are they trying to accomplish there? Digital Solutions leads workshops and creates surveys for you to identify types of visitors and their top tasks on the website.

Site Building

Your trained team members will build the new website with our assistance. In addition to training, a number of co-working sessions with your agency and Digital Solutions will move the project forward. We advise you on how best to present information on the platform.


We provide hands-on training to your website team during the project and at intervals throughout the year. We also offer ongoing technical support to all our agencies.