Features of Digital Commons Sites

Mobile Friendly

All Devices are Covered

The Digital Commons plaform is optimized for all devices: desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. You don't maintain a separate mobile site, and you don't have to worry if the right content will be on top. A good mobile user experience is baked into the sites. 

Mobile View

Example of Digital Commons Website on Mobile Device

Mobile Menu

Example of Digital Commons Website Mobile Menu

Colorful with Readable Fonts

Colors in Digital Commons Color Palette

Typefaces in Digital Commons Style

Building Blocks to Highlight Web Content

Call-To-Action Cards and Extensive Icon Set

Example of Digital Commons Call-to-Action Cards

Article Cards

Example of Digital Commons Article Card

Event Cards

Example of Digital Commons Event Card

Video Cards

Example of Digital Commons Video Card

Export Map Data

Clickable County Map

Robust Online Forms

Example of Digital Commons Web Form

Turn your paper forms into online forms. Submissions can get emailed individually as they are submitted, and download all together into a spreadsheet. 

Our forms are also easy for site visitors to fill in and submit.  Complex forms can have multiple pages, to make them easier to manage. You can configure a form to send a reassuring confirmation message. You can also create a form to show only the content that the site visitor needs. For example, a feedback form could ask: do you have a suggestion or a complaint? Those who pick "suggestion" get different questions than those who want to submit a complaint.  

Dynamic Content Types

With Digital Commons, you get functionality out of the box that makes sense for government sites.

  • Press releases can be added and categorized. They will automatically appear in the press release list, allowing site visitors to sort and search only press releases. A section of your website can contain a block or page with a filtered list of press releases for only a single category. 
  • Events can be added, categorized and a dynamically built calendar is created of all events. After an event has passed, it automatically drops off the calendar. 
  • Document collections can be dynamically generated, providing the public with sortable catalogs of documents. 
  • Blogs are available as well, with all of the functionality that you expect from a blog. 

Example of Digital Commons Press Release View

Data Tables

Example of Digital Commons Data Table

Data tables allow you to easily upload spreadsheets of data. Site visitors can sort by columns.