Customer Premise Network Security Services

NCDIT's customer premise network security services is a fully managed solution that provides an additional layer of network security for customers.

Service Description

This network security service is a fully managed solution for customers interested in an additional layer of security for their network. The service manages all phases of a firewall and VPN security solution, including architectural validation, implementation, operations, and ongoing configuration management. This service provides access control and standards-based encryption technology as the foundation for secure, high-performance data communications. Our network security analysts will provide consultation and recommend security best practices to aid in establishing the desired security policy to protect your data assets.


  • Protects and/or encrypts sensitive data (credit card, medical data, personally identifiable information, etc.)
  • Provides secure encrypted remote access to information protected by the firewall
  • Provides monitoring of network activities for malicious behavior and can block or prevent those activities
  • Network security analysts provide consultation regarding service options and recommend best security practices
  • 24/7 centralized monitoring and management via our Network-Security Operations and Service Desk
  • Priced below or within Gartner Group's Security Services market rates


  • Executive Branch agencies (North Carolina Departments of Revenue, Justice, Corrections, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Agriculture, Wildlife, Commerce, Cultural Resources, Public Instruction, Labor, State Treasurer, Administration)
  • Various community colleges, K-12 LEA’s, sheriff's departments, state boards and commissions, and other public/nonprofit entities
  • Over 300 customer premise security services currently installed

How Do We Charge?

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The customer agrees to pay the OSBM-approved rate for the term of this agreement. This agreement will be in effect for three (3) years from the date service is declared operational. This agreement will be automatically renewed on a month-to-month basis thereafter.

Monthly recurring charges cover our costs for hardware, software, maintenance, and management of required equipment.

One-Time charges are comprised of consultation and implementation fees.

Major cost drivers include the size and performance of equipment required to support your business requirements.

Next Steps

  1. To take advantage of our service, contact the Service Desk at (919) 754-6000 or 800-722-3946, or submit a service request in the NCDIT Service Portal.
  2. A network security analyst will contact you to gather your specific network security requirements. The analyst will assist you in completing the Customer Premise Network Security Service form.
  3. E-mail or fax the completed order form to or (919) 850-2828.
  4. A Network Security Analyst will contact you to schedule/perform the Security consultation meeting.
  5. Security service installation occurs between 45 and 60 days from the date of the consultation meeting signoff.

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