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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common issues we receive from customers. Before contacting the Service Desk, check to see if the solution to your issue is here:

Cell Phones and Smart Phones

  • Cell Phone Assistance - Please contact your cellular provider directly for the following issues regarding your state-issued cellular phone:
    • To request a new cell phone
    • To have a cell phone disconnected
    • To get a cell phone repaired
    • To request changes to the features on a cell phone
    • To request changes to the billing on a cell phone

Please refer to the Cellular Telephone section of our Service Catalog for a list of the state government cellular contract vendors' secure websites (listed at the bottom of the page).

State Government Contact Information

  • State Agency and State Employee Phone Numbers Contact information for agencies as well as phone numbers for state employees are available on the state portal, You can also check websites for agencies, community colleges, and universities available from the state portal.


  • Trouble logging into BEACON? If you are unable to log in to BEACON and are getting an authentication error message, go to NCID and try to log on. Your account may be locked or expired. See "NCID" below for password resets.

Outlook Login

  • Continually getting the login screen for Outlook? If you are attempting to log in to your email and continuously get the login window, your NCID account could be locked or password has expired. Go to NCID and try to log in. If your account is locked or password has expired, see "NCID" below for password resets.
  • Office 365/Outlook Login:


  • NCID Password Resets - Our Service Desk staff cannot change NCID passwords for other state agencies. Our Service Desk staff can only unlock another agency employee's NCID account. If you are a state employee—but not a Department of Information Technology employee—and your password must be reset, please contact your agency administrator. If you are a private citizen or business user and need NCID assistance, please contact our Service Desk.
  • Problems accessing NCIR from NCID? If the Continue button does not display after logging in to NCID to continue to the North Carolina Immunization Registry application, then go directly to the NCIR site and log in. The link between the sites may be down.