NC IT Roadmap - SCUBI

What is SCUBI?

SCUBI stands for the Southeast Consortium Unemployment Benefits Integration. SCUBI is the result of a multi-state consortium consisting of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia working together to modernize their aging unemployment insurance benefits systems. The multi-year project was funded in large part by a $50 million grant from the US Department of Labor.

SCUBI is a single web-based system that is configured to meet the specific needs of each participating states. This single system design saves money, speeds up processing times, provides better customer service, and is more user-friendly.

SCUBI leverages new technologies that improve capabilities for document management, correspondence, reporting and self-service, improving the way DES processes claims and interacts with employers.

SCUBI provides:

  • Auto-generated correspondence with prepopulated claimant information
  • Real-time status and history for issues and work items
  • Document attachment, reducing the amount of paper required to file and process a claim
  • Ad hoc reporting, including access to federal reports directly through SCUBI

SCUBI has increased the agility, preparation, and productivity of the Division of Employment Security (DES). With this new system, DES is not only more efficient and effective in managing its regular claim workload, but is also better equipped to handle unexpected spikes in the number of claims that may result from emergencies, disasters or economic factors. 

Watch this video for more details on SCUBI.