NC IT Roadmap - Government Operations

Our state government is a more than $50 billion annual operation, with the vast majority of our budget going to providing reliable, high-quality services to North Carolinians. We rely on essential, behind-the-scenes general government functions to make this service delivery possible, and we are working to find ways to make these core operations as reliable and efficient as possible. We are focused on reducing redundancy, improving efficiency, and ensuring that decision-makers have access to the information they need.   


The Division of Purchase and Contracts (P&C) within the Department of Administration (DOA) is the state’s central procurement authority that oversees purchasing for all state departments, institutions, agencies, universities and community colleges. This division administers the Interactive Purchasing System (IPS), manages the eProcurement System, provides the state with Statewide term contracts, and provides technical training and support. 

The current eProcurement System is approaching it’s end of life, and DOA will be upgrading that system in the next biennium. This initiative will leverage the state’s existing knowledge base for the Ariba Buyer platform and upgrade the solution to meet State requirements. The existing module is an outdated segment of a suite of functionalities that must be upgraded to meet state continuous improvement objectives and eliminate waste. The upgrade will also improve efficiencies within the state’s procurement operations and expand its utilization of government resources, fully utilizing all functionality available through the state’s procurement system. 

North Carolina Capitol at Night

Human Resources 

The Office of State Human Resources (OSHR) is partnering with DIT to review processes and procedures that impact Human Resource (HR) staff and state employees to find areas where changes could positively impact business operations.  

Currently under review are several OSHR processes with a goal of setting a gold standard which will become the baseline for all agencies’ HR operations. Once completed and communicated, this effort will allow for consistency between agency HR departments and eliminate ambiguity when it comes to HR actions, Onboarding, Offboarding, and many other functions handled by HR professionals within state government. 

Also underway is a complete review of user administration procedures for OSHR’s systems and tools. This effort includes granting and removing access to systems for users, internal and external to OSHR. It will explore opportunities to streamline and cross-train users and will generate a complete inventory of all systems and user access for a holistic view. 

Financial Backbone 

The main accounting system for the state was implemented nearly 25 years ago. We are in the planning stage for the implementation of a replacement solution that will serve as our new financial backbone, replacing many existing financial systems - the North Carolina Accounting System (NCAS), the Cash Management Control System (CMCS), the Integrated Budget Information System (IBIS), and agency-specific applications used to fill functionality gaps in NCAS and CMCS. Other statewide applications such as our current HR/Payroll and eProcurement solutions, and numerous agency-specific applications will integrate with this solution. A properly implemented solution will provide a robust financial system with dramatically improved reporting capabilities, and a variety of other key business capabilities that will enable us to adapt to the changing demands of state agencies and the legislature.