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Continuity of Operations & IT Business Continuity

Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning ensures the State's delivery of essential services under any circumstance. Business Continuity addresses the continuation of essential business processes and their supporting information technology systems during and after a disruption. The Risk Management Services team reviews executive branch continuity plans annually to ensure that key components needed to resume or recover the supporting IT systems are included. This effort helps to ensure compliance with statutory requirements. We also provide training for State employees in the area of disaster recovery/business continuity.

Legislation and Supporting Documents

Risk Management Program

The State of North Carolina recognizes that each agency must implement an appropriate Information Technology (IT) Risk Management Program. The program includes an ongoing effort to help agencies develop their business continuity plans. Further, the Office of the State Chief Information Officer (SCIO) has created a risk management program designed specifically for state government to identify, analyze and manage risks for automated systems which support a line of business. This program includes a Risk Management Guide, Pre-Risk Assessment Form, and a Questionnaire that supports the three-phased approach to risk management.