Innovation Center

Our Vision
It Should be Easy

Interacting with government should be as consumer-friendly and cost-effective as checking the latest scores or shopping on a smartphone.

Our Mission

To create a working laboratory where state agencies, educational institutions, private industry and citizens collaborate and solve challenges by connecting people and technology to transform the way government delivers services.

iCenter Initiatives

Improve Customer Service

The Innovation Center partners with State Agencies to improve the experience citizens have when interacting with the State. Whether renewing driver’s licenses, getting a license or permit, or helping citizens connect with officials, the Innovation Center seeks to improve the way the public engages with the State.

Increase Government Efficiency

The Innovation Center has named increasing the efficiency of state government as a priority. Through process improvement, technology adoption, and the use of technology to reduce waste, the Innovation Center can help state agencies operate in a lean, efficient manner, helping to save taxpayers’ money.

Revolutionize Data Delivery

The Innovation Center works with state agencies to revolutionize the way in which data is delivered. The availability of data is crucial, not only within and between agencies, but in respect to the public’s access to data. There is much data available, but it is not always easy to access. The Innovation Center seeks to make the vast amount of data that is available to the public and necessary to the operation of government easy to utilize.

Enhance Workforce Management

The Innovation Center works within state government to enhance the management of the state’s vast workforce while improving workplace culture. Having presented on workforce generation management at the North Carolina Digital Summit and NASCIO platforms, the Innovation Center is a leader in revolutionizing the way employees interact with state government.

We Collaborate

To share best practices across government, educational institutions, and the private sector.

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