Digital Commons 2.0


The Digital Solutions team will soon begin upgrading to the latest enterprise-grade version of Drupal. The move will bring further improvements to website loading speed, accessibility for people with disabilities and a simpler editing interface.

New capabilities to integrate state and third-party applications will add tremendous value. We're positioning ourselves for the future, where website content can be delivered in new ways, such as chatbots and digital assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa and Echo.

Digital Commons offers state agencies cohesion and best practices for website management, putting the content in the hands of communicators and subject matter experts. Since 2015, Digital Commons has successfully consolidated 60 websites into one platform, with a single codebase.

Digital Commons 2.0 FAQs



    As we go on this journey, we will strive to adhere to these principles: 

    • Deliver a digital content platform that exceeds expectations.
    • Position Digital Commons for the future.   
    • Incorporate security and privacy awareness at all levels. 
    • Improved accessibility.
    • Facilitate open government. 
    • Maintain a balance of customization and simplicity across websites. 
    • Be bold.
    • Incorporate agile development principles and values. 


    For the Public


    • Open Government: Promoting and supporting information that enhances trust and understanding
    • Enhancing and supporting the website that pulls all state government together
    • Design: A uniform look and feel to help citizens understand and trust government websites

    For State Agencies


    • Future-Ready: We're positioning the state for future technology
    • Efficiency: Avoiding duplication of efforts and wasted capacity
    • Security and Privacy: Incorporating security and privacy awareness at all levels
    • Integrations: New interoperability will enable websites to incorporate payment engines, mobile applications, social networks, live chats, conferences, and much more. 

    For Content Creators


    • Better Authoring Tools: A simplified back-end will help authors create better web content
    • Mobile-First Architecture: Website editing from a phone or tablet
    • Performance: Faster websites
    • Accessibility: New features help people with disabilities to navigate and understand our website