Digital Commons

About the Program

About the Program

The Digital Services team provides leadership, strategic direction, resources, and guidance for the State’s web and digital presence. We work closely with North Carolina agencies to ensure that business goals and end-user needs are being met, while supporting key websites, applications, and digital tools.

Digital Services is leading Digital Commons, an initiative that delivers a more consistent and intuitive experience for citizens who interact with state government on the web and mobile devices. Digital Commons includes the redesign and re-architecture of ten State agency websites and other key web entities. Our team collaborates with a cross-organizational working group to provide oversight and governance for the program. Explore blogs, training materials, and other resources at

What We Deliver

What We Deliver

  • Robust digital publishing platform running on the Drupal system
  • Enterprise-level hosting infrastructure
  • Content inventory and site audit 
  • Analytics
  • Content strategy (understanding of audience, their goals, agency goals, and how to measure site success)
  • Information architecture 
  • Layout flexibility
  • Wireframes
  • Mobile optimization   
  • Training and support
  • Migration support
  • Large user community


  • Cost savings from aligning to a single design and common technology platform
  • Helping citizens be more effective and efficient
  • Improved findability of content through search engines
  • Responsive, mobile-first websites optimized for multiple devices
  • Non-technical staff can manage digital content, increasing efficiency
  • Training, training documents, and support
  • Uniform adoption of the new state brand
Digital Commons Websites

Let's Get Started

How to Begin Your Digital Commons Website Project

  1. First, fill out our Project Exploration Form.  
  2. Expect a call. We'll get in touch with you within a couple of days. We will work with you to assess what your agency needs, and explain how we can meet those needs. During one or several calls and/or meetings, we will cover the following: 
    • Explain our process,
    • Discuss timeline,
    • The size of the project,
    • What your agency's goals are,
    • Whether this a stand-alone project, or part of something larger,
    • Determine who the stakeholders are. 
  3. After one or several discussions to get the above information, we will work with you on a draft project plan.
  4. Project kickoff, with all the relevant stakeholders. 

Where Are You Going?

Digital Strategy can chart the way. With a Digital Strategy, your site can meet your audience's needs and your agency's goals. Best of all, you can measure the success of your site and adjust if needed. Reach out: