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Course Descriptions

CJLEADS End User Training

This 4 hour hands-on or online course demonstrates the basic functionality of the CJLEADS application and provides information on the data presented. Upon completion of this training, users should be able to:

  • Log into the CJLEADS application
  • Identify and define key terms and helpful processes
  • Search for offender information
  • Distinguish between the tab information
  • Identify actions associated within tab information
  • Identify proper use of the print function
  • Set-up and manage Watchlist information, review Notifications and Alerts
  • Search for DMV, CHP*, Wildlife*, DVPO and Recent Warrants information
  • Review Reports that are currently available
  • Set-up and manage user preferences

*These sections are restricted based on User Role so some users may not have access to this information.

NCID and CJLEADS User Administration

This 2-hour webinar provides the basics of managing user accounts in NCID and CJLEADS.

The NCID portion discusses:

  • Searching for Users
  • Processing New Accounts
  • Unlocking Users
  • Resetting Passwords

The CJLEADS Administration section will focus on:

  • Searching for Users
  • Granting Access
  • Revoking Access

Training Registration

Classes are scheduled by Agency Training Coordinators. Please contact your Training Coordinator to schedule a class.

Training Feedback

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Adverse Weather Policy

The safety of CJLEADS staff and visitors is paramount. We understand that students travel from different areas of the state and weather conditions may differ based on location. It shall be the responsibility of CJLEADS training staff and visiting students to make a good faith effort to come to class in adverse weather conditions, but not to the extent that personal safety is compromised or threatened.

For the purpose of audience and announcement coverage, we trust the judgment of Wake County Public Schools to make an assessment on local driving conditions. Therefore,

  • If Wake County Schools are closed, all classes are canceled that day.
  • If Wake County Schools operate on a delay, morning classes are canceled but afternoon classes will be held as scheduled unless otherwise notified.

For those students who travel from remote areas and must leave their office in advance, it may help you to refer to local TV station weather forecasts to make travel decisions. You may also refer to these web sites for local school closing/delay announcements.

In the event a class is canceled due to adverse weather, your agency will be notified when alternative sessions are made available. Your training coordinator will then contact you to reschedule.

Should you have any questions about training schedules, please contact us at 919-754-6950.