Workforce Innovation


For young adults, securing a job is often first and foremost on their minds. While many young adults may have the education and training necessary for a well-paying and secure job, lack of experience can often be a barrier to entry. This is why internship programs are so important to ensure that young adults interested in going into IT or cyber security are able to get hands on experience in their chosen fields, as well as job search assistance, education, and certification. 

Tech Hire partners with NC Works and Wake Technical Community College in order to help young adults aged 17-29 secure internships. These internships allow them to gain hands-on experience and further their learning outside the classroom. This program is funded through a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act grant and helps to ensure that participants are supported in every step of job preparation and search. Wake Tech provides training in IT and cyber security fields to ensure that program participants have the knowledge they need to be successful in a real world setting while NC Works helps prepare participants for the job search by helping with resumes as well as assisting participants with obtaining certifications needed for employment in their chosen field.  

Earlier this year, the NC iCenter partnered with NC Works to identify opportunities within the Department of Information Technology where Tech Hire students could best utilize their education and training and get relevant internship experience. This summer, DIT identified an opportunity for internships working with the help desk team, which supports all state agencies supported by NCDIT. After identifying this opportunity, the iCenter screened resumes from Tech Hire participants and conducted interviews to find students who best fit the needs of this position and who would benefit most from this specific experience. Three students from the program were then placed within the department to complete summer internships. While completing the internships, students have been able to apply their training to a real-world experience. From imaging PCs to resolving help desk tickets these interns have been provided a wealth of hands-on experience. The iCenter is excited to be a part of a program that is so impactful in preparing young adults to join the workforce and ensure that they are well trained and ready to meet tomorrow's IT and cyber security challenges.

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