What Is It Like to Intern at the Innovation Center?


By Harrison Jordan

My name is Harrison Jordan and this summer, I’ve had the opportunity to intern as a fellow at the North Carolina Innovation Center. I have had many people ask me what it is like to be in such an interesting role. Well, hopefully I’ll be able to shed some light.

When I started my internship, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. As any astute young professional does, I looked at the Innovation Center website the night before I began my fellowship. I started to see through one glance at the website that the Innovation Center was not only a physical venue but at the same time an innovation program. This became more apparent throughout my internship.

Harrison Jordan sits at a deskDuring the first month of my internship, I began to learn the ropes quickly. At first it was only the little things such as always carrying myself with excellence, always being ready to help when needed, and always putting my best foot forward on any initiative I was assisting with. Through each day of fellowship, I was able to work with amazing people innovating and learning in a place designed precisely for such activities.

Ultimately, to sum up what it has been like as a fellow here at the Innovation Center, it has been a wild ride and a calm breeze. Throughout my first week as a fellow, I found myself engaged in various tasks ranging from simply drafting emails to assisting with full blown initiatives to support events happening at the iCenter. My focus for much of the internship was leading up a project regarding the implementation of a virtual reality laboratory in the iCenter. Program support requires quick thinking and lead taking to ensure that the numerous initiatives that the iCenter team works on are carried out effectively. Venue support requires hospitality and people skills to ensure that the day to day meetings and sit downs that happen within the Innovation Center happen comfortably and smoothly. All in all, I have fully enjoyed my role as an Innovation Fellow at the North Carolina Innovation Center. This summer has been full of learning and growing, and innovating. I feel that I have spent my time well and have a lot of new experience to show for it. At the end of the day, that’s all I could really ask for from this.

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