NCID Features

NCID welcome screen

Login to NCID

New Appearance

  • New interface provides clean and organized screens.
  • Screen content is streamlined so users only see and have access to features for which they have rights.

Mobile Experience

  • NCID now offers an improved mobile device experience. Screens are configured to recognize access from mobile devices and adjust the content display accordingly.

Enhanced Account Creation Features

  • Accounts for state and local government employees are created by the Delegated Administrators (DAs) associated to the employee’s organization/division and/or section. These account types are no longer created via the self-registration process.
  • Accounts for business users and individuals continue to be created via the self-registration service; however, as part of the registration process, users will receive an email that contains an activation URL link needed to complete registration.
  • All account types (State, Local, Business and Individual) are required to provide an email address when creating a new account.
  • User IDs must contain 6-20 characters. The User ID will be truncated to 20 characters if it exceeds the maximum length.
  • During Self-Registration, a user can request a new entity if a desired organization does not exist. This feature is available to local government employees who do not have a delegated administrator.

New and Enhanced Delegated Administrator Features

  • “Section” Delegated Administrators can now deactivate and reactivate their users.
  • Account transfer (agency-to-agency) is enabled for state government employees.
  • Delegated Administrators receive data for all users in their division/section in a CSV file. DAs can use the file to sort/extract specific user information.

Enhanced Workflow Process and Search Feature

  • Administrators or Service Desk agents now manage user accounts via process request forms. Each form is unique to the type of action performed on the user account (e.g., reset a password, unlock an account) and includes its own Search feature to look up the appropriate account.
  • NCID is now ‘process-driven’ vs. ‘user-driven’: First select the appropriate process request, then look up the user account in the Search section provided on each process request form.
  • Single or multiple field searches can be performed on the following fields: First Name, Last Name, User ID, Email Address, BEACON Number. A “Full Name” search field is no longer available.

Enhanced Password Features

  • Any combination of 3 wrong password attempts or challenge question responses will lock an account.
  • Passwords are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as they were originally entered.
  • During password creation, an on-screen tooltip provides verification that the password conforms to the State’s password policy.
  • A Delegated Administrator can reset passwords for users which he/she administers. In addition, temporary passwords are created by the administrator and are no longer system-generated.

New and Enhanced Self-Service Tools

  • New “Password Sync Status” feature allows users to check if their password has been synchronized across connected systems (e.g., Exchange, BEACON, etc.).  
  • New “View My Administrators” feature allows users to view their administrator(s) contact information.
  • When managing Challenge Questions and Responses, users must re-select and re-answer five (5) new questions – previous questions and responses are not displayed on the screen.
  • Individual and business account holders have the capability to recover lost user IDs.

Application Access

  • Access to applications is assigned via roles and not by group membership. Application Administrators grant a user access to applications via role assignments.

Enhanced Login

  • Applications that use the “NCID Login” screen no longer display a “Continue” button after NCID authentication. Users are automatically directed to the application.

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