NCDIT Service Portal

Meet ServiceNow

DIT is introducing ServiceNow, a new modern cloud-based IT Service Management (ITSM) platform that is replacing the on-premise Remedy solution. DIT is also using ServiceNow to support ITSM services for state agency customers who need this vital business function. The ServiceNow platform is a versatile solution that has the potential to be extended to support other critical business operations maximizing the benefit realized through this technology investment. A key transformation in this business operation will be the classification of support requests as either an Incident, as in "Something is broken," or a Service Request, as in "I need something."

ServiceNow and the NCDIT Service Portal are now live!

Service requests and incident tickets are no longer created via email to the DIT Service Desk. Customers with critical or time-sensitive issues are still encouraged to call the DIT Service Desk at (919) 754-6000 or (800) 722-3946. 




  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Chat Capabilities
  • Robust Reporting

User Experience

  • Mobile Ready
  • Cross-Portal Integration
  • Natural Language Search


  • Automatic Routing
  • Tracking Transparency 
  • Pre-defined Request Forms

Frequently Asked Questions