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The North Carolina State and Local Government Geospatial Metadata Profile is a standard adopted by the GICC in November 2014. This version dated December 30, 2016 made the following changes, reported to the Statewide Mapping Advisory Committee January 18, 2017:

  • Minor text revisions for spelling, grammar, capitalization, date and website updates;
  • Changes to tables:
    • reorganized each table so that Mandatory elements are listed before Optional elements
    • revised best practices to improve clarity
    • removed Character_Set and Language elements because they are now default values in ISO 19115-1
    • changed conditionality of Use_Constraints from Optional to Mandatory based on the Metadata Committee’s thematic profile recommendations
  • Changes to Appendices
    • Minor text edits and updates
    • Added Appendix 3. Element Xpaths - to make clear where in the standard they can locate the element
    • Added Appendix 4: ISO Feature Catalog (Entity and Attributes) Info - to provide guidance on implementation options
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