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Cybersecurity Performance Measures

Incident Reporting

April 2017

The table depicts trends compared to previous month of incidents reported by agencies to the State CIO during the reported month.

Risk/Incident Trend Since Previous Month
Physical Theft/Loss
Information Disclosure
Social Engineering
Account Compromise


MS-ISAC Cyber Security Alert Level

Current Level

This table depicts the current cyber threat alert level for North Carolina.  It is updated when the State receives credible intelligence of malicious or anomalous cyber activities.

Today's Cyber

Alert Level is



Statewide Cybersecurity Projects 

April 2017

This table depicts ongoing project status of Enterprise Risk Management Office (ESRMO).

Project Status vs Target Progress vs Plan
Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation RFP (Phase 1) Contract Awarded - Project in Progress
3rd Party Incident Monitoring Support In Progress
Static Application Security Testing Project In Procurement
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Notification App Roll-Out In Progress
State Auditor 2016 Report Remediation In Progress


Cyber Awareness Training

April 2017